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Coach, Life Mentor, Dad and Best Friend - these are the qualities that define our father. As we grew up we had the opportunity to witness our father be a successful businessmen by day and by night, be a supportive father to his family while mentoring his many students as he coached sports. Our father has always been very involved in his community giving his time and passion to what he loves and to those in need. We are blessed with 28 & 29 years of unforgettable memories and life lessons we have learned through our fathers passion for life. We truly believe our Father is more than qualified, he is the man this society needs to preserve, maintain and grow our future in a clear direction - TUSD would have a passionate and dedicated leader.

With Love & Respect - Ronnie & Regan Riggs

— Ronnie & Regan Riggs - Son & Best Friend

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ron Riggs when he was serving on the El Camino College Foundation Board. He is a man of high and unwavering ethics, character, and integrity. He cares about education and students. I have seen his leadership on issues, doing what is right and in the best interest of the students, his dedication to student athletes through coaching and mentorship; along with community efforts to bring change and raise funds for education and our students. Also as a friend, I have seen the kind of father he is and the love and support he gives to his children. A true role model for me and I am grateful for his friendship. He will do the same for your kids. Leadership, Mentor, Coach, and Supporter! As a professor of Communication Studies at Santa Ana College and Los Angeles Trade Tech College, I fully support and endorse Ron Riggs for Torrance Unified School District Board. My 14 year old son attends Calle Mayor Middle School and we need strong leadership on the board to bring positive change, quality education, support for Music and Arts education, and to bring continued educational excellence to the district and our schools. Rudi Lopez, M.A. Professor of Communication Studies Santa Ana College and Los Angeles Trade Tech College — Rudi Lopez, M.A.

About 25 years ago my real estate agent introduced me to Ron Riggs to help me secure a loan for my home purchase. Ron worked at Bank of America back then. After meeting with him for the first time, I learned that Ron was a man of principles and genuinely interested in helping people. Two years later we invested in few real estate properties as partners. That gave me an opportunity to learn more about Ron and see how dedicated he was to improving our schools. I have watched Ron’s generosity, kindness and his passion towards improving the life of kids at our schools. He has been involved with schools for most of his life and has mentored and coached hundreds of kids. All this for one reason; for our children to get the best possible start in life. With no reservation, I endorse Ron Riggs for Torrance Unified School District Board Member. He is the best candidate we have. Shafat Qazi CEO & Founder BQE Software Inc. — Shafat Qazi

On August 28, 2020, the Young Leaders PAC Board of Governors voted unanimously to endorse Mr. Ron Riggs for the Torrance Unified School District School Board. Mr. Ron Riggs has shown his commitment in fighting for the safe re-opening of our schools, and eliminating indoctrination in our learning systems.   Torrance students and young leaders across the United States deserve to go back to school safely and a have non-biased education. Young Americans support a plan to ensure the quality of education, while not hurting our local industries. The Young Leaders PAC is pleased to join the parents, educators, and community leaders who support Mr. Riggs for School Board. Young Leaders in the State of California trust Ron Riggs to lead the fight for a high-quality education system. — Young Leaders Political Action Committee

Ron is a man who cares about students and strongly believes in the motto “Education Changes Everything.” He's made a difference in the lives of students for years and will continue to do so. I am happy to give Ron my full support. — David Gascon - Retired Assistant Police Chief LAPD

I endorse Ron Riggs for the Torrance Unified School District Board. — George Chen - Torrance City Council Member

I endorse Ron Riggs for Torrance School Board

— Sharon Kalani - Torrance City Council Member

Ron Riggs has my support. — Aurelio Mattucci - Torrance City Council Member

I support and endorse Ron Riggs for Torrance School Board. — Tasha Cerda - Mayor of Gardena, CA

I have known Ron for 40 years, I met him in his first year of coaching in Gardena. I support & Endorse Ron Riggs for Torrance Unified School District Board.

— Don Dear-Former Mayor of Gardena, Retired Teacher, Current Board Member of West Basin Municipal Water District Board

I support and endorse Ron Riggs — John Cruikshank - Mayor of Rancho Palos Verdes

I endorse Ron Riggs, I have had the pleasure of knowing Ron Riggs. He is a man of ethics, character, and integrity. He cares about education and students. His coaching and mentorship; along with community efforts to raise funds for education is a true model for the TUSD board member.  — James P. Bradley - Candidate for US Representative

I am Very happy to write about someone who was an awesome childhood mentor and father to some good friends of mine in the South Bay that could of went the wrong way without Ron's guidance. In all honesty I didn’t know to many people back in high school that were so involved with the students. Ron was one of those guys who was out there helping everyone, bringing people up constantly. He coached Varsity Basketball at Redondo High School, he had everyone at his house for wrestling and bbqs, always connecting with people. In my book that is a true leader, someone who listens, gives advice and is constantly helping people. There is no doubt in my mind that Ron is the man for the position of a Board member at TUSD. I can’t recall anyone being as active as him. We need people like Ron that cares without asking for anything in return and very  capable of doing the job. When he speaks you can tell he cares for his community and wants the best for everybody. — Jake Shea - Former Student & NOW FRIEND

Ron “Coach” Riggs, to me; we first met when I was playing Varsity basketball at Redondo Union High School. Coach brought a big heart and 100% dedication to the program every day. His passion to help the youth succeed, his energy, effort, and enthusiasm shined on and off the court, and out of all the staff over those years, he is the only one I personally keep in touch with to this day. Ron has helped me through low times, as well as, been there with me for support in great times. He will not only be great for TUSD, but become a great asset for the entire city of Torrance. — Brandon Adrian - Redondo Union Basketball Player

Ron Riggs truly cares about the community and its people. Ron is an intelligent and aware man who can spot serious issues and/or opportunities around him with ease. By some stroke of luck our paths crossed when I was a junior going to a private school in the South Bay temporarily. He noticed my love and talent for basketball and gave me the opportunity of a life time to play my senior year at RUHS 2012 when I was just 17 years old. I'll forever cherish that experience in my heart and be thankful that there are people like Ron - although extremely rare - who actually care about others; so much so that they can bring out the best in them and utilize their talents, when these said people can't do so themselves. Just as he did with me. — Tyler Holloway - Former Redondo Union Student/Athlete

Hello, I am writing to endorse Ron Riggs for the Torrance Unified School Board. I met Ron back when I was a student/athlete at El Camino College in 2014 and he was an assistant coach for the basketball team. Despite our sub-average year in regards to wins, Ron and the other coaching staff instilled so many life lessons and habits that I still carry in my life today. I look back at my years at El Camino and reflect on the mentors who genuinely cared about me and my future beyond basketball and Ron was one of the individuals. I know he will be a huge addition to the school board as he cares about giving back and seeing the next generation succeed. -Julian Dakdouk — Julian Dakdouk - El Camino College Student Athlete

"Ron Riggs is committed to helping students, parents and teachers in the Torrance Unified School District. He is ready to lead with conviction and integrity, and only seeks what is best for Torrance's schools. I am proud to personally endorse Ron Riggs because he is the only candidate running for Torrance Unified School Board with experience you can trust." — Raphael F. Rebucas - Community Advocate and Current TUSD Student

I have known Ron for many years, I endorse him for the TUSD Board. 

— Jack Walser - Jack Walser - Torrance Water Commissioner

Ron has a proven track record of dedicating himself to helping students, parents and teachers throughout Torrance schools. As a lifelong Torrance resident and former TUSD student it's comforting to know that lads like Ron are out there fighting to ensure our youth have a bright future. Ron has my endorsement and complete support! — Spencer Dela Cruz

Ron Riggs has my support and endorsement. Rhett Bise Former Torrance Commissioner Torrance Resident — Rhett Bise

I support Ron Riggs for Torrance School Board — Rick Marshall - Torrance Planning Commissioner

Having served with Ron on the El Camino College Foundation Board for several years, I saw firsthand how he truly cares about the students. As a coach, I know he was very invested in his students' lives on and off the court. — David Kartsonis _ Torrance Recreation Commissioner, Torrance Resident

I support Ron for Torrance School Board because he cares deeply about this city and the welfare of it's residents. — Mark Tsuneishi - Torrance Business Owner

I endorse Ron Riggs for the Torrance Unified School Board. I know Ron to be a leader and one of high integrity. He has a extensive career in teaching youth and coaching. — Kenneth Wright, MD - Former Congressional Candidate

I've known Ron Riggs for three plus years now and know him to be a man of high integrity. I ran for Congress in 2018 and worked with Ron while he was also running for mayor of Torrance. During that time I found him to be a hard worker with good moral character and a really good work ethic. I endorse him wholeheartedly. — Frank DeMartini - Former Congressional Candidate

I support and endorse Ron Riggs. Torrance School Board, Unified School Torrance District needs Ron Riggs.

— Trent Larson - Former Hermosa City Council Candidate

I am proud to endorse Ron Riggs for Torrance School Board. I have known Ron for over 10 years. We worked on several projects together to outfit the many students he has coached over the years. Very honest and very caring for his students. He had their needs above all. We need some common sense to point our children’s education in the right direction. Things have been turned upside down in our nation and I don’t like the “new normal”. As a mother of 3 TUSD graduates I have always seen the draw to students who want to learn and succeed to our city. What we don’t need is radical ideas becoming a reality for Torrance children. Please do your research. You will find Ron is the right fit in our city. — Paula Henges - Torrance Business Owner

I've known Ron Riggs for nearly 23 years. He's always fought the good fight. He's a man of character, a family man, and has cared for, lived in, and done business in Torrance for decades. If there's anyone that we can trust with the educational policies and academic future of our children and grandchildren, it's Ron Riggs.  I support and endorse Ron Riggs for Torrance Unified School Board. — Larry A Burns Jr - Film Producer

I have known Ron Riggs for over 40 years, and I am pleased to endorse Ron for a position on the Torrance School Board. The day I met Ron I knew he was a leader. He is honest, hardworking, has a positive attitude and isn’t afraid of making hard decisions. He has invested his free time to help the homeless, improve his community and coach/mentor student athletes as a basketball coach at both the high school and college level. I am confident that Ron’s communication skills, his life experiences, and his eagerness to serve the community will be an asset to the Torrance School Board.  — Richard Fick - Retired Torrance Firefighter, West Torrance High Graduate

I support and endorse Ron Riggs.  — Gary Cain - Former L A Harbor & Dominguez Hills College Coach

My name is Christine. I am a retired peace officer. I have known Ron for over thirty years. I wholly support Ron for the TUSD Board. Ron has been intrumental in giving me sound financial advice for many years and I credit him for my financial success. Ron also has been a great role model for students he coached in basketball for many years. He is such a loving father to his sons and puts them first in his life. Ron is a great communicator and I can always count on him if I need a shoulder to cry on. He is a great listener. Thank you Ron for being in my life. — Christine Steinbacher

RonRiggs is a man of strong principle and business background. He is possessed of a social conscience and will stand the School Board in good stead in these difficult times. — Steven Wohn - Torrance Attorney

I endorse Ron Riggs. I am a retired teacher of 34 years. I have seen Ron interact with students and teachers during his time coaching. He was enthusiastic and demonstrated a commitment to education and sports. While coaching I noticed his classroom management technique.    — Alvin Fletcher - Retired Teacher

I am writing this endorsement as a Teacher of 35 years and a Head Coach that has coached for 39 years. I have known Coach Riggs for many years, he is a mentor and a true Winner! He teaches family first, life lessons, integrity, hard work, discipline and dedication.

Coach Riggs is a instructor who assists student athletes to develop their full potential. Coach is also a teacher the players enjoy, he is a PLAYERS COACH!

I strongly believe he will be a great addition to the Torrance Unified School District Board.

— Antonio Carter-Loza - Teacher - Head Coach LA Harbor College

I am proud to endorse Ron Riggs for the Torrance School Board. I had the honor to coach with Ron for years. During this time I developed enormous respect for his dedication, knowledge and endless hours he worked to develop the players for life skills not just Basketball.  — Thomas Maier - Retired Teacher - High School Basketball Coach

Ron Riggs or Coach Riggs as I know him is a very terrific individual. I’ve known Coach Riggs for almost two years. Over this time I’ve got to see how caring and generous he is. There were many occasions in which he would make time out of his busy schedule to take some of us players to breakfast as well as dinner, as college students and athletes some are in need of just bare necessities and are homeless sleeping in cars and teammates sofas. He also donated food on many occasions to our team giving every player an opportunity to feed themselves after a long practice or game. Coach Riggs is a good man who genuinely cares for the needs of those around him. — Matthew Garife - LA Harbor College Student Player

Coach Riggs is a all around great man. Great coach, Great father even better friend. — Chad Tiradeau - Former RUHS & LA Harbor College Basketball Player

Coach Riggs is very proficient at many coaching skills. He is supportive, motivational, authentic and compassionate. I observed him in many inspirational and empowering conversations with my teammates. He is very reliable, very trustworthy and always came through for me personally when I needed him. He is a coach that will go to greater depths to help us players in need. I enjoyed being around him and his energy. — Tavion Rackley - LA Harbor College Basketball Player

Coach Ron Riggs was one of my coaches at Los Angeles Harbor College. He is an amazing man, on the court he is hard working, dedicated, enthusiastic, and loyal to the players on and off the court. He not only teaches Basketball but but life lessons that will enhance my life. He has the heart and passion to help each player reach their highest potential.

Please accept this endorsement as my personal views.

— Raphael Jalnaiz - LA Harbor College Basketball Player

Ron was my first High School Basketball Coach at Redondo Union High School. He was my mentor then and I still look for him for advice and mentoring. I’m a huge advocate of Ron Riggs! I endorse and support Ron for Torrance Unified School Board. — Vincent Rubio - Redondo Union Basketball Player

I endorse Ron for the TUSD Board, I met him through a mutual friend, he has been helping me tremendously with my business transactions. Getting to know him, I found Ron to be a dedicated person; doing his real estate business as a broker, property management, coaching, raising his sons and running for Unified School Board of Torrance. Yet he still manages his time in between meetings to help me with my problems. His knowledge, enthusiasm, kindness and dedication is beyond what I can describe. He has my total support for running for the school Board of Torrance. I strongly believe that he will do a great job. With his success and accomplishments he has acquired throughout his career, he wants to give back to the community. I cannot vote for him but I support him 100%. — Hanh Nguyen - Pharmacist

I endorse Ron Riggs for the Torrance Unified School District Board. You can lost me as Peter Michel "Member, 66th Republican Assembly District Central Committee" — Peter Michel

I’ve known Mr. Ron Riggs for many years. He has always been a strong fighter for Torrance. He is a solid, godly, warrior who will be someone on the school board that truly will work for the benefit of the children, parents, and teacher's rights versus Politics. I 100% support Ron Riggs for school board. — Genevieve Peters - Former Teacher

Ron Riggs is one of a few people that I can truly say will go above and beyond for anyone at any time at the drop of a hat. His determination, perseverance and role model characteristics are just a few of the reasons why I believe he is not only a great candidate but also a great person who has continued to show generosity, care and fairness in anything he takes on. — Ashley Asta - Torrance Resident

Happy to have Mr. Ron Riggs running for school board, Besides he’s philanthropist ways in the Torrance community he is a man of integrity and cares for the future of our youth. His tenacity and commitment when it comes to help Torrance youth succeed will definitely be an asset to our Torrance unified School District board!

— Liliana Trujillo Puckett - Street Racing Kills, Founder-Executive Director

I support Mr. Ron Riggs for Torrance Unified School Board. — James Nix - Retired Fireman, Torrance Resident

I have known Ron or "Ronnie" since middle school, even as a young teenager he was always compassionate, engaging and extremely witty. There are no challenges that I know of that he has not taken on. He is a loyal American with deep rooted values. I endorse him as a board member to the Torrance Unified School district and have complete faith he would be a wonderful addition to the Board. Karen Ten Eyck Director of Human Resources - S.C.W.V.A. — Karen Ten Eyck - Ex Torrance Resident

I have known Ron Riggs for over 42 years and have had the pleasure to see him raise three wonderful boys. I met Ron my first year at El Camino College. Ron while attending El Camino College became the Ski Club President. Ron was able to manage and evaluate our current financial position for our 500 member ski club from a negative budget to a positive budget. I witnessed Ron support different projects in a supporting role with the faculty and staff, over the years Ron become a leader at El Camino College. He has a passionate commitment for education. His leadership and team personality will help the TUSD School Board to obtain a vision and future for the community and TUSD.   — Tony Castro - Fireman

I have known Ron for 30 years and have always known him to be hard working and focused. He has built a successful local business and remains to be an active member of the community. Mark Lyles 27 Year Torrance Resident Occupation- Caltrans Office Chief Division of Right of Way — Mark Lyles - Torrance Resident

I have known Ron for over 50 years and he has always been a man of integrity and honesty and would be a great for the school board . He cares about the kids and his community and his country — Morris Partridge - Business Owner

I have known Ron Riggs since graduating from West High School in Torrance, California. Ron was always involved in high school and College level athletics and has done a wonderful job with the youth in Torrance and Redondo Beach. His leadership style and caring attitude will be a great asset to the school board and the Torrance Community. Mary Castro Former West High Student — Mary Castro - Former TUSD Student

I’ve known Ron for over 30 years. He’s a stand up guy who cares deeply about Torrance and the people who live there. His integrity and leadership qualities is what makes him a perfect candidate to sit on the Torrance School Board. The system will benefit from his leadership and commitment to his community — Mario Yeaman - Torrance Resident, Small Business Owner

I have lived in Torrance for 78 years. I love my city and seen a lot happen through the years. The schools are great and will continue with the leadership, dedication and passion with leaders like Ron. I definitely endorse Ron for the school board he has very good qualities and is well qualified for the job and one of the most honest persons I know. Ron always follows up on what he says he is going to do. Ron is always there to help anyone in need and never asks for anything in return. — Mary Modglin - Torrance Resident

Ron is a good person and gives Great advice. — Mable Medlock

I am pleased to endorse Ron Riggs as Member of the Board of Directors for Torrance Unified School District. Without any hesitation, Mr. Riggs is the best candidate for running the school board. He has had vast experience as a philanthropic leader, coaching, and mentoring students as well as a leader in business and the community . Ron epitomizes determination, fairness, and compassion. Through these qualities, Ron will be able to balance academics and sports. A Vote for Ron Riggs is a vote for your children now and for future generations.  — Atoinette DiGiorno

I support and endorse Ron Riggs for Torrance Unified School Board Member.  — Guy Puckett - Torrance Small Business Owner

We endorse Ron Riggs for Torrance School Board as he is a genuine, community minded, caring person who is highly esteemed by citizens of all ages. He stays involved, is responsive in word and deed to community concerns. I expect him to be a asset to the Torrance Unified School Board. — Tina Blakeman - Torrance Resident

I look forward to Ron Riggs working on the Torrance Unified School Board, with his enthusiasm and leadership skills he constantly is able think out of the box, Ron will be an asset to the board. With his conservative point of view, he could really assist the board in making smart choices, being that he is a long time resident of South Bay and Torrance, he wants whats best for our children. I'm an advocate for keeping our children safe, with Ron Riggs on the school board I feel confident he will definitely lead the way in ideas and streamlining the current system. Vote for Ron Riggs for Torrance School board. — Lauren Cotner - Torrance Resident

I endorse and support Ron Riggs — Michael Afsa - Small Business Owner

From the beginning of my friendship with Ron he has always been extremely generous and helpful to myself and the community without ever asking anything in return. He has always had my back and he is a strong leader that always makes the right decision, and so he is the one I call whenever advice is needed. — Tim Kwei - Torrance Small Business Owner

Ron was my neighbor before I moved. I have known Ron for over 20 years, he is honest, hardworking and cares about the city of Torrance. I endorse and support Ron Riggs for the Torrance School Board.  — Ray Sargent - Ex Torrance Resident

This is the perfect position for Ron. His first instinct is always to coach and mentor others. With that said Ron understands the importance of not only a child’s education but insuring they have all the tools needed. He will stand behind our teachers, support parents, provide leadership for staff for the students success. Our schools will benefit from Ron’s loyalty he has for Torrance.

— Linda Griego

I believe Ron Riggs has the following qualities to be on the Torrance School Board: a skilled decision-maker and team player, a public-education advocate, a vital link between community and school, and a policy maker — Patsy Okada - Torrance Resident

Ron has a huge heart for serving others combined with the character, integrity, and passion that is missing in so many public servants these days. Which is why I am happy to enthusiastically endorse Ron Riggs. — Gary Adams - Torrance Resident

I support Ron in his candidacy as a Torrance School Board Member. He is level-headed and works well with a variety of people. I have spoken to Ron, he is a advocate for higher education and ready to lead putting education first. Please vote for him on election day! — José M Morales - Torrance Real Estate Broker

It is my privilege to endorse Mr. Ron Riggs. I have know Mr. Riggs for well over twenty years. I have great admiration for his dedication and mentoring to the youth and young adults of our community. — Nazareth Kioudjian - Torrance Small Business Owner

Ron Riggs is genuinely a caring person about issues that effect our community. He’s smart, centered and has a life time of supporting school causes. — Ricky Pennington - Torrance Business Owner

Ron Riggs is the right man for the job. He has assisted me in many successful business transactions. His passion for hard work and ethics has provided him with a track record of always exceeding my expectations. — Nancy Porter-Bass - Dental Hygienist

Ron Riggs has been a long standing member of the Torrance community with his leadership and passion. He has my VOTE! — Jeffrey Allen - Small Business Owner

I've known Ron for more than 40-years. I am writing to you in support of his quest to be elected to the Torrance School Board. I have observed him as a father and businessman, he possesses that rare quality of persistence and determination to pursue the right direction for your children and teachers. He is a hard-working good man.

On November 3, vote for Ron Riggs

— Riccardo Mora - Executive VP

I have known Ron for many years. Some of the Qualities I have observed over the years are these as follows: Passionate about Education & Coaching, Responsible, Hard Working & Goal Oriented, Solution based while tackling challenges. Most of all a wonderful father to his children.

— Chris Rivera - Business Owner

I endorse my Childhood friend Ron Riggs, of 50 years. He would be perfect for the Torrance School Unified Board. — Christyann Champion

I am writing this endorsement and support for Ron Riggs as TUSD Board Member. During the years I have known him I can attest for his professionalism, integrity and leadership.

Without any hesitation I am confident that Ron has all the skills needed to become a invaluable asset to  the TUSD Board. 


— Tabitha Pennington - Torrance Business Owner

I have known Mr. Ron Riggs for many years. He has shown great concern for the Torrance community in the past and present. I do believe he would be an asset to the Torrance Unified School District board. — Kathy Turner

It is with great pleasure that I write this endorsement for Ron Riggs to become a Board Member of the TUSD. He is a Class Act and genuine person that cares about education and the success of our youth. — Tony Chuan - Torrance Businessman

I have had the honor of knowing Ron for over 42 years. I met him at El Camino College where I feel his leadership skills began. Ron was in involved in Student Leadership, President of The Ski Club and Homecoming King. He as always demonstrated leadership qualities.       — Richard Cruz - Small Business Owner

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